75% off “Happy 30th Birthday” sale…

Need content?  Then you’re in for quite a treat!

My friend, Ronnie, is celebrating his 30th birthday and he’s retiring…!

…30 PLR Packs. :)

And as part of Ronnie’s “Retirement Sale”, you’ll SAVE 75%.

Pretty cool, eh?!

Check it out:


Honestly, Ronnie’s stuff is some of the best PLR content online and his stuff never goes on sale, so this is an unbelievable deal.

Here’s what you’ll get:

- Action guides, books, worksheets (giveaway or sell)

- Inspiring images with quotes or affirmations (excellent “engagers” on Facebook and Pinterest)

- Articles (perfect for blogs, document sharing sites, and grabbing search traffic)

- Affirmation reflections (great for blog posts, social media, videos, and email auto-responders)

- Video-ready presentations (perfect for webinars and slide sharing sites)

Ronnie’s stuff is so good, you can be proud to publish it as your own.

BUT –!

This 75% Off Retirement Party Sale EXPIRES on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, at 11:59 PM PT.

This means that these products will no longer be available for sale. Gone for good. Bub-bye.

So check it out before it’s gone:


New Weight Loss PLR just in time for summer!

Sassy PLR has just introduced a brand new weightloss plr package containing 15 articles! The normal price is $15, BUT there is a coupon available for a limited time.
Coupon code: usave
Discount: 50%
Expires: May 26
That makes the cost only $7.50!!! Can’t go wrong there!
Click here to purchase this pack now.
Here are the titles:
Are Cheat Days a Good Idea – 482
Are Your Weight Loss Goals Realistic – 661
Avoid Feeling Deprived With These Healthy Eating Tips – 471
Choose Your Carbs Wisely – Good vs Bad – 390
Does Less Calories Mean Less Flavor – 515
Don’t Do It Alone – Get a Support Group – 625
Finding Your Motivation to Lose Weight – 483
Lose the Excuses to Lose Weight – 620
Losing Weight on a Budget – 573
Planning is the Key to Success Especially With Weight Loss – 612
Tips for When You Hit a Plateau – 513
Tips to Avoid Quick Fix Fast Foods While Away From Home – 563
Weight Loss While Traveling – 626
Weight Loss Should be a Lifestyle Plan Not a Diet Plan – 528
What Should You Drink on Your Weight Loss Plan – 541

Dental PLR

Here is a new pack of articles from Buy PLR Today. Whether you are in the dental niche or working with offline dental businesses, you will find this pack helpful. And its only $5!

The article pack includes:

  • How to Choose a Dentist – Words 572
  • Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Dentist – Words 419
  • Local Types of Dentistry Offices – Words 522
  • Choosing a Dental Plan – Words 628
  • Emergency Dentists – Words 439

Articles are delivered in doc and text format.

Click here to get this package today! Don’t forget to browse around and see what other niche article packs are available!


Sue Fleckenstein – Buy PLR Today

Sue Fleckenstein is another one of  those excellent PLR writers! Here is a short bio about her and the PLR that she sells.

Sue turned to writing after being laid off from her last job. She had always enjoyed writing and was overjoyed to discover that you could make money writing online. Sue has written articles, reports and e-books for many top internet marketers.

As well she runs a successful PLR Store and a membership program in the health field. Always loving to do different things Sue recently published her first book and is looking forward to releasing more. As well as writing Sue enjoys walking, cooking, cycling and spending time with her husband on their country property along with their two dogs.

Her main PLR site is BuyPLRToday.com. This site covers many different niches.  Her other site is Health Fit Club. Health Fit Club is a membership site covers natural and organic health products as well as fitness products. If you are in this type of niche, a membership site is the way to go for new articles each and every month.

I recommend you check out Sue’s PLR today!

Latest PLR Released from Tiffany Dow – PLR MiniMart

On April 28 Tiffany released 3 brand new PLR article packages. These article packs can be found on PLR Mini Mart.

They include the following:

Another new PLR article package was introduced on May 1.

Incontinence PLR Articles – $5
This can be found in the PLR Articles category.
You will see it on the top of page 26.


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