New Personal Finance Special Offer PLR package from Ruth Pound

Ruth recently released a brand new Personal Finance PLR package. She is offering this special package at a really special price through the Warrior Forum. The package is only $14! Wait till you read what this package contains!

  • 6-Step Guide To Financial Health (16-page (2793 words) PLR report)
  • PLR Checklists: Facing Your Financial Reality, Creating A Budget, Eliminating Debt, Building A Savings Account
  • 20 Personal Finance Articles
How Much Money Do You Need to Retire? – 526 words
How to Save More for Your Retirement Even if You Start Later in Life – 599 words
What Is A 401(k)? – 441 words
What Is An IRA? – 466 words
Why Planning For Your Retirement Is So Important – 518 words

Five Easy Ways to Save Money – 833 words
Getting Out of Debt: A Guide to the Debt Snowball Method – 480 words
How to Build Your Credit Score – 436 words
The 5 Worst Ways To Pay Off Debt – 551 words
Why Your Credit Score Matters – 544 words

A Guide To Investing with Little Money – 503 words
Safe Investing for the Cautious Investor – 547 words
The Beginners Guide to Stock Investing – 607 words
The Top 4 Things To Look For In A Savings Account – 507 words
Understanding Investment Risk – 418 words

5 Benefits of Creating a Budget – 614 words
How to Create a Budget That Works – 578 words
Saving Money Vs. Paying Off Debt – 557 words
The Pros and Cons of Using Credit Cards – 428 words
Why Cash is Better than Credit Cards for Your Budget – 514 words

  • Bonus List Of Conversation Starters (To Be Used On Twitter, Facebook Etc.)
  • Keyword Research Sheets

Where else can you get this much information
on a single niche for only $14! This is a steal!

Go grab this package now, before it sells out!


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