Melissa Ingold – Special Reports Club

Melissa has been selling PLR since 2007. Her business grew from writing for specific clients and her want to do more.

Melissa says, “Today, when PLR sites are going up and coming down faster than you can blink, I believe that it’s my background in writing/copywriting, my experience in content creation and working one-on-one with clients, that has enabled my PLR business to thrive all these years.

As I head into my 5th year of selling PLR, I’m really striving to make it easy for internet marketers to get the content they need to produce their own products as quickly as possible, because let’s face it, if you’re not selling, you’re not making money. The PLR I sell makes your job easier because you don’t have to write from scratch or work with a whole bunch of different contractors, and then wait weeks for the finished product. It’s also a lot less expensivebecause you’re not paying $25 – $30 per page of content because you can get the entire product for as little as $10 or all inclusive with graphics, sales copy, emails and more for only $42.”

Melissa is dedicated to providing quality content to make her customers happy. Customer satisfaction is her number one priority!

Check out Melissa’s Special Reports Club. Take some time and see what she has available.

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