Everything’s $1 PLR Sale!!!

Tiffany Dow is having her special $1 sale again!!! Now is the time to stock up on all the PLR you need!!! Don’t miss this event!

Check out all the PLR available today!

This sale includes everything listed on the PLR Mini Mart
even Mega packs that are normally $57, eBooks and the $116 PLR pack called “Building an eBook Empire.”

Also, as part of this special Tiffany will be adding a brand new PLR pack to the shop every day! So don’t forget to check back and see what the new package is all about!

Today’s new pack is all about boating!

Here is how the Everything’s $1 Sale works!

  1. Browse through all of the sections on the right sidebar and write down (or type into a Txt document) the exact names of the PLR packs that you want (titles only – no description). It’s faster for Tiffany to fulfill orders if you don’t skip lines, either. Do NOT put the PLR packs into your shopping cart!
  2. Add up the number of PLR titles up and decide what voucher amount you need to buy. They’re sold in increments of $5, all the way up to $100 – so if you have 255 titles, you would buy two $100 vouchers, one $50 voucher and a $5 voucher.
  3. Go to the category listed on the right that says SPECIALS and purchase your voucher(s).
  4. PayPal will email you a receipt. You’ll send a copy of your receipt or the transaction ID to Tiffany in an email at writeconsultant@aol.com and paste the list of PLR titles you want into the email with it. Do not send her attachments if possible – it goes faster with it all in the email itself.

As an FYI, Gmail works best when she delivers her PLR attachments to you. Many email services bounce back – Yahoo, Comcast and BigPond being the worst offenders. If possible, include a Gmail address she can send your order to.

All orders will be processed within a 24 hour period, so if for some reason you haven’t heard back, you need to contact Tiffany and let her know. Her contact form is on her blog and it goes straight to her additional email address. The form is located at: http://www.tiffanydow.com/blog/contact-tiffany/ You can also contact her via Twitter (@TiffanyDow) or the Warrior Forum just to cover all bases if you don’t hear back within 24 hours.

This sale includes everything listed on the PLR Mini Mart
even Mega packs that are normally $57, eBooks and the $116 PLR pack called “Building an eBook Empire.”

Check out all the PLR available today!

Latest PLR Released from Tiffany Dow – PLR MiniMart

On April 28 Tiffany released 3 brand new PLR article packages. These article packs can be found on PLR Mini Mart.

They include the following:

Another new PLR article package was introduced on May 1.

Incontinence PLR Articles – $5
This can be found in the PLR Articles category.
You will see it on the top of page 26.


Tiffany Dow – PLR Mini Mart

Tiffany Dow is one of the most ethical marketers you will meet.

Tiffany got her start writing online content for other internet marketers and became known as the “Ghostwriter to the Gurus.”

Eventually she moved on to become an expert in PLR and a full time Internet Marketer.

Tiffany’s PLR site, PLR Mini Mart boasts lots of ebooks, articles, blog posts, keyword research packs and more.


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