75% off “Happy 30th Birthday” sale…

Need content?  Then you’re in for quite a treat!

My friend, Ronnie, is celebrating his 30th birthday and he’s retiring…!

…30 PLR Packs. :)

And as part of Ronnie’s “Retirement Sale”, you’ll SAVE 75%.

Pretty cool, eh?!

Check it out:


Honestly, Ronnie’s stuff is some of the best PLR content online and his stuff never goes on sale, so this is an unbelievable deal.

Here’s what you’ll get:

- Action guides, books, worksheets (giveaway or sell)

- Inspiring images with quotes or affirmations (excellent “engagers” on Facebook and Pinterest)

- Articles (perfect for blogs, document sharing sites, and grabbing search traffic)

- Affirmation reflections (great for blog posts, social media, videos, and email auto-responders)

- Video-ready presentations (perfect for webinars and slide sharing sites)

Ronnie’s stuff is so good, you can be proud to publish it as your own.

BUT –!

This 75% Off Retirement Party Sale EXPIRES on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 10th, at 11:59 PM PT.

This means that these products will no longer be available for sale. Gone for good. Bub-bye.

So check it out before it’s gone:


Everything’s $1 PLR Sale!!!

Tiffany Dow is having her special $1 sale again!!! Now is the time to stock up on all the PLR you need!!! Don’t miss this event!

Check out all the PLR available today!

This sale includes everything listed on the PLR Mini Mart
even Mega packs that are normally $57, eBooks and the $116 PLR pack called “Building an eBook Empire.”

Also, as part of this special Tiffany will be adding a brand new PLR pack to the shop every day! So don’t forget to check back and see what the new package is all about!

Today’s new pack is all about boating!

Here is how the Everything’s $1 Sale works!

  1. Browse through all of the sections on the right sidebar and write down (or type into a Txt document) the exact names of the PLR packs that you want (titles only – no description). It’s faster for Tiffany to fulfill orders if you don’t skip lines, either. Do NOT put the PLR packs into your shopping cart!
  2. Add up the number of PLR titles up and decide what voucher amount you need to buy. They’re sold in increments of $5, all the way up to $100 – so if you have 255 titles, you would buy two $100 vouchers, one $50 voucher and a $5 voucher.
  3. Go to the category listed on the right that says SPECIALS and purchase your voucher(s).
  4. PayPal will email you a receipt. You’ll send a copy of your receipt or the transaction ID to Tiffany in an email at writeconsultant@aol.com and paste the list of PLR titles you want into the email with it. Do not send her attachments if possible – it goes faster with it all in the email itself.

As an FYI, Gmail works best when she delivers her PLR attachments to you. Many email services bounce back – Yahoo, Comcast and BigPond being the worst offenders. If possible, include a Gmail address she can send your order to.

All orders will be processed within a 24 hour period, so if for some reason you haven’t heard back, you need to contact Tiffany and let her know. Her contact form is on her blog and it goes straight to her additional email address. The form is located at: http://www.tiffanydow.com/blog/contact-tiffany/ You can also contact her via Twitter (@TiffanyDow) or the Warrior Forum just to cover all bases if you don’t hear back within 24 hours.

This sale includes everything listed on the PLR Mini Mart
even Mega packs that are normally $57, eBooks and the $116 PLR pack called “Building an eBook Empire.”

Check out all the PLR available today!

List Building for Bloggers PLR

Nicole Dean of EasyPLR has released a new PLR report that can be used to teach List Building to beginners. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere.

This PLR Report  contains the following:

1)     What is List Building and Why Do You Need to Start Now?
2)     List Building Service Of Choice – Aweber
3)     Getting Your First 100 Subscribers
4)     List Building Strategy #1 – Your Blog
5)     List Building Strategy #2 – Create An Opt-In Page
6)     List Building Strategy #3 – Article Marketing
7)     List Building Strategy #4 – Social Media
8)     List Building Strategy # 5 – Guest Blogging
9)     Monetizing Your List From Day 1
10)  How to Grow Your List Virally

For a limited time, you can use this coupon for $5 off!  Its expires on May 31, 2012.

Get your PLR report today!

New Weight Loss PLR just in time for summer!

Sassy PLR has just introduced a brand new weightloss plr package containing 15 articles! The normal price is $15, BUT there is a coupon available for a limited time.
Coupon code: usave
Discount: 50%
Expires: May 26
That makes the cost only $7.50!!! Can’t go wrong there!
Click here to purchase this pack now.
Here are the titles:
Are Cheat Days a Good Idea – 482
Are Your Weight Loss Goals Realistic – 661
Avoid Feeling Deprived With These Healthy Eating Tips – 471
Choose Your Carbs Wisely – Good vs Bad – 390
Does Less Calories Mean Less Flavor – 515
Don’t Do It Alone – Get a Support Group – 625
Finding Your Motivation to Lose Weight – 483
Lose the Excuses to Lose Weight – 620
Losing Weight on a Budget – 573
Planning is the Key to Success Especially With Weight Loss – 612
Tips for When You Hit a Plateau – 513
Tips to Avoid Quick Fix Fast Foods While Away From Home – 563
Weight Loss While Traveling – 626
Weight Loss Should be a Lifestyle Plan Not a Diet Plan – 528
What Should You Drink on Your Weight Loss Plan – 541

Grilling PLR Article Pack – $5 for 10 articles for a Limited Time

PLR Nook has a brand new PLR article pack available and its on sale! If you are interested in the grilling niche you will want to pick this up quickly before they are all gone!  There are only 150 licenses! You cannot go wrong paying 50 cents per article! This 50% price break is for a limited time only!

Get your grilling articles here.

New Dating PLR

If you are in the dating or relationship niche, here is a brand new dating PLR package!

The package includes 5 articles:

  • 3 Tips for a Successful First Date – 409 words
  • Are You Ready to Start Dating? – 468 words
  • Dating Safety Tips: How To Protect Yourself On A Date With Someone You Don’t Know Yet – 431 words
  • What To Do When A Date Goes Wrong – 396 words
  • Who Should Pay On A Date? – 413 words

Get this dating article pack today!!!!

Its only $4 until May 21!

Family Guide to Organization & Time Management PLR

Mom PLR has added a new guide to their store and it looks great! It’s all about Organization and Time Management for the family.

Includes: 20 pages, 5,495 words eBook to sell or giveaway (in .DOC format)

Content Topics
Introduction    4
Organizing Your House: Why You Need to Do It    4
Can Your Family Really Benefit from Better Organization?    6
Getting Started in Family Organization    7
How to Organize and Stay Organized    8
Getting Organized One Room at a Time    10
Mealtime Organization    11
Tips for Creative Organizing    13
Tips for Family Organization    14
Family Time Management and Organization    16
Working Women and Time Management    18
Conclusion    20

– And there is an extra special  BONUS HTML included: opt-in page with short sales copy and eCover graphics in 4 sizes, plus PSD version for editing.

Regularly priced at $20.

Use the following coupon code: organize (case sensitive) for a 45% discount.

Expires: Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer PLR article package

There is a new PLR article package available from PLR Nook and its all about summer!

This PLR bundle includes 30 articles in TXT format and is available for a reduced price! Only $18!

Click here to get this package now!

Summer Heat

  • Best Foods to Eat in the Summer Time
  • Exercising Outdoors in the Heat
  • Fun Summer Activities for Families
  • Grilling Safety during the Summer
  • How to Stay Hydrated in the Heat
  • Seven Tips for Beating the Summer Heat
  • Signs That the Summer Heat Is Getting to You
  • Staying Cool Inside This Summer
  • Summer Pool Safety
  • Summer Wardrobe Ideas

Summer Fitness

  • Fitness Activities for Your Kids This Summer
  • Get Fit with Summer Games
  • Get in Shape with Bike Riding
  • Health and Fitness Tips for Summer
  • Summer Fitness – Hiking and Walking
  • Riding Your Way to Summer Fitness on Horseback
  • Fun Family Fitness – Kayaking!
  • Rock Climbing for Fitness – What You Should Know
  • Fun Summer Activities That Keep You Fit
  • Swimming for Fitness This Summer

Summer Fun

  • Experience the Joys of Diving This Summer
  • Five Different Kinds of Summer Retreats for Relaxation and Growth
  • Organize a Water Gun Fight with Your Kids
  • Plan a Romantic Summer Picnic in Your Local Park
  • Solo Summer Camping – A Relaxing, Refreshing Experience
  • Spend Your Free Time This Summer on a Road Trip
  • Summer Cooking Adventures for Couples
  • Summer Is the Perfect Time for a Garage Sale Hunt
  • Take Your Kids Museum Hopping This Summer
  • Take Your Kids on a Farming Vacation

New Personal Finance Special Offer PLR package from Ruth Pound

Ruth recently released a brand new Personal Finance PLR package. She is offering this special package at a really special price through the Warrior Forum. The package is only $14! Wait till you read what this package contains!

  • 6-Step Guide To Financial Health (16-page (2793 words) PLR report)
  • PLR Checklists: Facing Your Financial Reality, Creating A Budget, Eliminating Debt, Building A Savings Account
  • 20 Personal Finance Articles
How Much Money Do You Need to Retire? – 526 words
How to Save More for Your Retirement Even if You Start Later in Life – 599 words
What Is A 401(k)? – 441 words
What Is An IRA? – 466 words
Why Planning For Your Retirement Is So Important – 518 words

Five Easy Ways to Save Money – 833 words
Getting Out of Debt: A Guide to the Debt Snowball Method – 480 words
How to Build Your Credit Score – 436 words
The 5 Worst Ways To Pay Off Debt – 551 words
Why Your Credit Score Matters – 544 words

A Guide To Investing with Little Money – 503 words
Safe Investing for the Cautious Investor – 547 words
The Beginners Guide to Stock Investing – 607 words
The Top 4 Things To Look For In A Savings Account – 507 words
Understanding Investment Risk – 418 words

5 Benefits of Creating a Budget – 614 words
How to Create a Budget That Works – 578 words
Saving Money Vs. Paying Off Debt – 557 words
The Pros and Cons of Using Credit Cards – 428 words
Why Cash is Better than Credit Cards for Your Budget – 514 words

  • Bonus List Of Conversation Starters (To Be Used On Twitter, Facebook Etc.)
  • Keyword Research Sheets

Where else can you get this much information
on a single niche for only $14! This is a steal!

Go grab this package now, before it sells out!


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