Everything’s $1 PLR Sale!!!

Tiffany Dow is having her special $1 sale again!!! Now is the time to stock up on all the PLR you need!!! Don’t miss this event!

Check out all the PLR available today!

This sale includes everything listed on the PLR Mini Mart
even Mega packs that are normally $57, eBooks and the $116 PLR pack called “Building an eBook Empire.”

Also, as part of this special Tiffany will be adding a brand new PLR pack to the shop every day! So don’t forget to check back and see what the new package is all about!

Today’s new pack is all about boating!

Here is how the Everything’s $1 Sale works!

  1. Browse through all of the sections on the right sidebar and write down (or type into a Txt document) the exact names of the PLR packs that you want (titles only – no description). It’s faster for Tiffany to fulfill orders if you don’t skip lines, either. Do NOT put the PLR packs into your shopping cart!
  2. Add up the number of PLR titles up and decide what voucher amount you need to buy. They’re sold in increments of $5, all the way up to $100 – so if you have 255 titles, you would buy two $100 vouchers, one $50 voucher and a $5 voucher.
  3. Go to the category listed on the right that says SPECIALS and purchase your voucher(s).
  4. PayPal will email you a receipt. You’ll send a copy of your receipt or the transaction ID to Tiffany in an email at writeconsultant@aol.com and paste the list of PLR titles you want into the email with it. Do not send her attachments if possible – it goes faster with it all in the email itself.

As an FYI, Gmail works best when she delivers her PLR attachments to you. Many email services bounce back – Yahoo, Comcast and BigPond being the worst offenders. If possible, include a Gmail address she can send your order to.

All orders will be processed within a 24 hour period, so if for some reason you haven’t heard back, you need to contact Tiffany and let her know. Her contact form is on her blog and it goes straight to her additional email address. The form is located at: http://www.tiffanydow.com/blog/contact-tiffany/ You can also contact her via Twitter (@TiffanyDow) or the Warrior Forum just to cover all bases if you don’t hear back within 24 hours.

This sale includes everything listed on the PLR Mini Mart
even Mega packs that are normally $57, eBooks and the $116 PLR pack called “Building an eBook Empire.”

Check out all the PLR available today!

Dental PLR

Here is a new pack of articles from Buy PLR Today. Whether you are in the dental niche or working with offline dental businesses, you will find this pack helpful. And its only $5!

The article pack includes:

  • How to Choose a Dentist – Words 572
  • Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Dentist – Words 419
  • Local Types of Dentistry Offices – Words 522
  • Choosing a Dental Plan – Words 628
  • Emergency Dentists – Words 439

Articles are delivered in doc and text format.

Click here to get this package today! Don’t forget to browse around and see what other niche article packs are available!


Summer PLR article package

There is a new PLR article package available from PLR Nook and its all about summer!

This PLR bundle includes 30 articles in TXT format and is available for a reduced price! Only $18!

Click here to get this package now!

Summer Heat

  • Best Foods to Eat in the Summer Time
  • Exercising Outdoors in the Heat
  • Fun Summer Activities for Families
  • Grilling Safety during the Summer
  • How to Stay Hydrated in the Heat
  • Seven Tips for Beating the Summer Heat
  • Signs That the Summer Heat Is Getting to You
  • Staying Cool Inside This Summer
  • Summer Pool Safety
  • Summer Wardrobe Ideas

Summer Fitness

  • Fitness Activities for Your Kids This Summer
  • Get Fit with Summer Games
  • Get in Shape with Bike Riding
  • Health and Fitness Tips for Summer
  • Summer Fitness – Hiking and Walking
  • Riding Your Way to Summer Fitness on Horseback
  • Fun Family Fitness – Kayaking!
  • Rock Climbing for Fitness – What You Should Know
  • Fun Summer Activities That Keep You Fit
  • Swimming for Fitness This Summer

Summer Fun

  • Experience the Joys of Diving This Summer
  • Five Different Kinds of Summer Retreats for Relaxation and Growth
  • Organize a Water Gun Fight with Your Kids
  • Plan a Romantic Summer Picnic in Your Local Park
  • Solo Summer Camping – A Relaxing, Refreshing Experience
  • Spend Your Free Time This Summer on a Road Trip
  • Summer Cooking Adventures for Couples
  • Summer Is the Perfect Time for a Garage Sale Hunt
  • Take Your Kids Museum Hopping This Summer
  • Take Your Kids on a Farming Vacation

Wendy Wood – PLR Nook

Wendy Wood has been providing high-quality PLR products to her customers since 2007. Her current PLR sites are MomPLReBooks.com , PLRNook.com  and PLRFoodContent.com. Not only does she provide private label rights content, she also uses it in her business. She sometimes calls herself the “PLR Junkie” and wishes to share with others ways they can use PLR content effectively in their own online businesses as well.

Check out Wendy’s PLR sites and see what she has to offer!

Bridget Sielicki – Best PLR Writing

Bridget is a stay at home mom and has two young kids. Bridget has been writing for several years in order to be home to take care of her children.I decided to start writing PLR when I realized that high-quality writing, especially PLR, is always in high demand.

Bridget is a native English speaker with a Bachelor’s Degree in English literature and History – both majors taught me skills that come in handy when researching and writing web content!

You can find Bridget’s PLR content at Best PLR Writing. She writes in many different niches. Visit her site and see all that she has to offer.

Patti Stafford – Sassy PLR

Patti says “I’ve been a website content writer for more years than I care to admit to.  I’m an open book. I have a life away from the computer. I have a personality and I know how to use it. :-)

Patti can be funny and sassy, but also knows when to be completely professional. You can be professional and still have a fun personality.

Patti has followed many PLR writers and business owners for several years and finally decided to take the plunge with her own PLR. She runs Sassy PLR and World Travel PLR.

Sue Fleckenstein – Buy PLR Today

Sue Fleckenstein is another one of  those excellent PLR writers! Here is a short bio about her and the PLR that she sells.

Sue turned to writing after being laid off from her last job. She had always enjoyed writing and was overjoyed to discover that you could make money writing online. Sue has written articles, reports and e-books for many top internet marketers.

As well she runs a successful PLR Store and a membership program in the health field. Always loving to do different things Sue recently published her first book and is looking forward to releasing more. As well as writing Sue enjoys walking, cooking, cycling and spending time with her husband on their country property along with their two dogs.

Her main PLR site is BuyPLRToday.com. This site covers many different niches.  Her other site is Health Fit Club. Health Fit Club is a membership site covers natural and organic health products as well as fitness products. If you are in this type of niche, a membership site is the way to go for new articles each and every month.

I recommend you check out Sue’s PLR today!

Nicole Dean – EasyPLR

Nicole is certainly one of the goto PLR sellers on everyones list. She has been using and selling PLR since 2005. She says, “back then PLR had a really bad name and it was nothing but junk. So, I decided to jump into the niche and try to stand out by offering quality rather than quantity.”

Since then Nicole has grown a solid customer base of thousands at my PLR site who buy regularly and refer their friends.

Nicole owns Easy PLR which features PLR packages in all different kinds of niches. Click on over to her site and see what she has to offer you!

Nicole also has a YUMMY plr site! It features articles about food and recipes! You can check out that site here.

Ruth Pound – NetPLR

Ruth Pound is a very busy PLR seller. She releases only top quality content. I say, let her do the work for you. Her products are excellent!

She runs several PLR sites. The first one, NetPLR.com, is comprised of PLR articles, eBooks, reports and autoresponder series in various different niches. Most article packs are limited to 150 buyers or less. Ruth offers excelled keyword optimized packages. All articles come with exclusive keyword research pack. This is a great bonus!

Ruth also runs a few membership PLR sites in focused niches. They are  Toy PLR Monthly and Fitness PLR Monthly.

The Toy PLR Monthly membership gives you

  • 14 Brand New Toy Reviews (400+ words each)
  • 5 Brand New Related Articles (400+ words each, keyword-optimized)
  • Detailed Keyword Research For Each Product (may not be available for all toys
  • BONUS! Google Search Suggest Keywords (14 spreadsheets)
  • other occasional bonuses!
The Fitness PLR Monthly membership gives you
  • Fitness Report To Sell: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) For Fast Workouts and Fierce Results! (4,131 words, 5 images, 15 pages)
  • 10 product reviews
  • Product specs chart featuring all 10 products
  • 20 related articles on HIIT
  • One Page Checklist on starting a HIIT workout program
  • 5 shareable social media graphics
  • 20 shareable social media posts
  • Detailed Keyword Research

Above and beyond her paid PLR, Ruth delivers a FREE weekly PLR article. Join her list and you will receive her FREE PLR automatically every Friday.

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